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The Solo Parent Ministry runs Solo Parent Encounters (SPEs).
The Solo Parent Encounter is a spiritual renewal program.  It is an encounter/retreat weekend and not a workshop, conducted in an atmosphere of prayerful reflection.
Since the ultimate goal of any spiritual encounter is a conversion of heart, a renewal of mind, and transformation of life, the SPE is open to:  Roman Catholics/Christians, all age groups, provided they fit the profile of a solo parent, and all nationalities.
1.  Widow or widower
2.  Divorced
3.  Single with child/children (natural or adopted)
4.  Single, 40 years old and over without children
5.  Married but separated from spouse
6.  Married with a spouse who is incapacitated
7.  Married with a spouse working abroad
1.  To know the love of God and His workings in their lives
2.  To receive the Lord's grace and be open to His healing and restoration
3.  To have a fresh awareness of their role in their home, workplace, community, and society
4.  To realize Christ's living presence active in, with, and through the community.
Through prayers and intercessions, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, there flows a series of:
*  Inspirational teachings
*  Personal testimonies/witnessing
*  Scriptural reflections
*  Dialogue
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