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"There are different gifts but same spirit; there are different ministries but the same Lord; there are different works but same God who accomplishes all of them in everyone.  To each person the manifestation of the spirit is given for the common good”

1Corinthian 12:4-7

Our duties and responsibilities are:

  1. We Prepare and coordinate Liturgical Minister of First Friday Eucharistic Celebration

  2. Schedule and coordinate during Sacrament of Reconciliation

  3. We train and coordinate Altar Servers for any Eucharistic celebration

  4. We assign and coordinate with the Sponsoring Class to help during Eucharistic celebration

  5. Review and maintain guidelines  the order of a Mass with compliance  to  the Diocese of Trenton

  6. Review and maintain guidelines for Lector, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Ushers and Altar Servers to USCCB General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

  7.  Prepare and keep Mass inventory

  8.  Prepare and assist with the Eucharistic celebration in  any BLD Mission or any BLD Activities such as the different Encounters, LSS Seminars, Retreats, Grand Reunions, Community Day or any  Counseling Seminars

  9. We are also responsible in keeping the blessedness of the venues used for all the different BLD Activities.  

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